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AIDS Drug Assistance Program


Purpose: The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) pays for approved medications for HIV and other conditions impacting PLHIV. ADAP is administered at CDPHE and funded by the Part B Program. Part A funds do not support ADAP but PLHIV in the TGA receive these services.

HRSA Description: ADAP is a state-administered program authorized under Part B of the RWHAP to provide FDA-approved medications to low-income clients with HIV disease who have no coverage or limited health care coverage. ADAPs may also use program funds to purchase health insurance for eligible clients and for services that enhance access to, adherence to, and monitoring of antiretroviral therapy. RWHAP ADAP recipients must conduct a cost effectiveness analysis to ensure that purchasing health insurance is cost effective compared to the cost of medications in the aggregate. Eligible ADAP clients must be living with HIV and meet income and other eligibility criteria as established by the state.

Other Sources of Funding for Service Category: Part B, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.

Historical Priority and Funding Allocation:


Note: The Planning Council has historically prioritized this category because of the essential importance of HIV medications for PLHIV. ADAP is entirely funded by Ryan White Part B.

Point of Interest: Why is a does the Planning Council prioritize a service category that isn’t funded by Ryan White Part A? Having services prioritized provides: 1) A bookmark for future funding; 2) Gives an opportunity for Part A to jump in and support funding if Part B can’t support its funding; 3) In case of a funding emergency emphasis falls on the prioritization rank.

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