Leadership Committee

Leadership Committee (LC) monitors the progress of Planning Council activities to ensure that its work aligns with the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) legislation and that DHRPC activities complement the work of Denver HIV Resources (DHR). The Leadership Committee (LC) is facilitated by the PC vice-chair and is comprised of the DHRPC co-chairs, committee co-chairs, and other DHRPC members.

The Leadership Committee (LC) is responsible for the following:​​​

  • Ensuring that PC activities complement the work of Denver HIV Resources

  • Assess the efficiency of the Administrative Mechanism (AEAM) process to determine how quickly and well DHR carries out its responsibilities and meets the needs of PLWHA

  • Providing leadership from Co-chairs of each standing committee

  • Make recommendations to the full Denver HIV Resources Planning Council (DHRPC)

  • Review work plans and assignments specific to committees and workgroups

  • Develop directive timelines, including project deliverables with start and end dates

  • Assess the impact of new and existing directives

  • Develop the DHRPC meeting agenda as a collaborative group. Review and approve committee and workgroup agenda items for all DHRPC monthly meetings. Committee chairs may be asked to reconsider their agenda items. The PC Co-chairs, Vice Chair, and support staff are permitted to make reasonable adjustments to the agenda during the finalization process.

  • Review DHRPC documents including the policies & procedures, operating budget, grievance procedure, memorandum of understanding, and letter of assurance. As necessary, the LC makes recommendations to the Planning Council for the approval of document revisions.