Rules & Membership Committee

Rules and Membership (RM) is responsible for preliminary revision of the DHRPC Bylaws

and monitoring DHRPC participation, including the advisement on actions relating to conflict of interest and voting rights. RM assesses how well the Council reflects the current HIV epidemic in the Denver metro area and makes recruitment recommendations to change the roster. RM supports recruitment, interviews potential council members, and recommends a slate of candidates to the full Planning Council for Mayoral appointment.

RM works collaboratively with the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) to ensure inclusion and retention of Council members. RM is responsible for the New Member Orientation and the Mentorship Program. RM oversees the training curriculum for all Council members to ensure their understanding of legislatively mandated Planning Council activities and responsibilities. RM works with DHRPC support staff to provide Leadership training for the PC Co-chairs and Vice-chair.


Rules and Membership (RM) is responsible for:

  • Bylaws

  • Attendance and Member Participation

  • Manage Conflict of Interest

  • Manage Grievances

  • Roster and Reflectiveness

  • Interview and Recommend Potential DHRPC Members

  • Training and Curriculum


The formal recruitment process for new DHRPC members begins every year in September. Interviews are held in October/November and a final decision is made in December. If you would like to join the Planning Council, please call or email us! We're happy to chat with you year round. Also, attending a meeting is a great way to meet Planning Council members and learn about what we do.

Boards and Commissions Online Application​

Planning Council Membership Categories


RM is responsible for preliminary revisions to the DHRPC Bylaws that are later reviewed and approved by the full Planning Council.

Bylaws Approved on December 6, 2018 by the DHRPC


RM works with the DHRPC support staff to train new members of the Planning Council. This training provides an overview of the history of Ryan White funding, a look at all Parts funded under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), an overview of the main DHRPC roles and responsibilities, and an understanding of meeting etiquette. DHRPC follows the Council Rules of Order, based on Robert's Rules of Order. The Council Rules promote participation and productive conversation while underscoring respect for everyone in the room.​


RM assigns mentors to the new members of the Planning Council. Mentors are seasoned Planning Council members who are committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge, dedicated to supporting new members in a smooth on-boarding process, and committed to member retention. Please view the mentoring program guidelines here.


RM asks that all members of the Planning Council sign a committee participation agreement form, official documentation of their commitment to the Council. 

Committee Participation Agreement Form



RM is responsible for managing conflict of interest on the DHRPC. Please review the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure for more information.



RM addresses DHRPC grievances and ensures that the outlined process is followed.

Grievance Policy and Procedure