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The Denver HIV Resources Planning Council is a mayoral-appointed board for the City and County of Denver under the Department of Public Health and Environment. ​Our mission is to assist in the coordination of high quality, culturally responsive delivery of HIV/AIDS services in the Denver Metro Area. Our vision is that people living with HIV (PLHIV) have access the highest quality, innovative system of care that ensures their continued health and well-being.

Who we are.


The DHRPC uses needs assessment data as well as data from a number of other sources to set priorities and allocate resources yearly. The members decide which services are most important to people living with HIV in the Denver metro area (priority setting) and then agree on which service categories to fund and how much funding to provide (resource allocation). In setting priorities, the DHRPC should consider what service categories are needed to provide a comprehensive system of care for people living with HIV in the Denver metro area, without regard to who funds those services.

A Bit More About Us...

The Planning Council oversees the prioritization and allocation of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A Funds. These funds pay for primary medical care, mental health services, dental care, substance use treatment, early intervention services, psycho-social support, and food services for people living with HIV who are low income or whose insurance does not cover their needs. The funds are distributed to community-based organizations, public health programs, and community health clinics.

The Planning Council is also responsible for: (a) conducting an ongoing needs assessment of people living with HIV, (b) assisting with the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN) and the Colorado Integrated HIV Prevention & Care Plan, (c) crafting directives that provide guidance on how to improve service models and best meet identified needs, (d) reviewing service standards for each funded service category, and (e) evaluating the work of Denver HIV Resources.

Planning Council Membership

Planning Council membership must reflect the demographics of the local epidemic and include members with specific expertise in health care planning, housing for the homeless, health care for incarcerated populations, substance use and mental health treatment, and members who represent other Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Parts. At least 33% of members must be unaligned and receive Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program services.

RWHAP planning councils are unique. No other federal health or human services program has a legislatively required planning body that is the decision maker about how funds will be used, has such defined membership composition, and requires such a high level of client participation (at least 33 percent). To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Planning Council, please view the PC Primer here.

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